Spice It Up With Detective Games and Naughty Games

When speaking about detective games, it does not mean finding out who killed what. In a sadistic sense, love detective games are even better because the victims get to live through their suffering – that or the bliss of exacting revenge on a cheating partner. Detective Jealous is a game in which you have to film your partner while they make out with someone else so you have evidence of them cheating. Be careful not to get caught, though, before the film is full. You can also play as a hired detective busting someone else's cheating partner in Hire a Private Eye – 2. If you're looking to bust the rich and the famous, there are also games that let you do so, such as Celebrity Snapshot, High School Detective (time to get nosy with quarterbacks and cheerleaders), Play Agent Heart, and Caught on Camera. There are also games that let you spot the difference between two babes (good for dating twins) such as Beach Difference 2 and Calendar Girls. Other detective games need not be about catching cheaters. In Collect Gossip, you must hear enough of the conversation (so you get the real information) without getting done.

Another way to get the thrill is to skip the lovey dovey mushiness and get right on to the point; after all, do not they say we're all just in it to get laid? Naughty games also come in a wide range of choices. Baby Kiss revolves around a naughty baby boy trying to kiss other babies to fulfill his desires. Talk about starting young. For those looking to get a girl with their words, try Online Word Strip. Get a girl to take off her clothes while practicing your typing skills. Funny Airplane 2 adds some thrill to a boring flight. Stewardesses are hot for a reason. Other sexy naughty games include Funny Elevator, Funny Yoga, Love is Everywhere, Fun Naughty Starlets, and Baby-Sitter.

Naughty, though, does not just mean kinky; it also means being mean. There are also games that could cater to the mischievous lot. You do not need the perfect boyfriend, all you have to know is how to train him to be one and Boyfriend Trainer lets you do exactly that. Some people find joy in playing matchmaker, while others become the devil's advocate and spend their time breaking up other people. Why look for the perfect girl when you can just steal her? If you're up for the challenge, you'll certainly enjoy Break 'Em Up 2.

Dating games may be exhilarating in the stomachs-in-your-belly way, but detective games and naughty games really put the fun in romance. Whether you admit it or not, no love affair is ever complete and exciting without a little turn on the wild side.

Source by Crescent Weber

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