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I am writing here to describe Sonic Games. But I just want to start off with a small disclaimer that what I am writing is strictly my observation as an average gamer; I am not affiliated with any developers, and I have not done any formal research. With that said, please continue to read and remember with me our blue spiny hero.

So let's start from the beginning. We know the original Sonic Games were the main competitor of Nintendo by Sega. This means, of course, that Sonic the Hedgehog is the hero of a very colorful, family friendly, side scrolling, platformer. The games start out with blue skies, striped green grass, loopty-loops in the landscape, and rings, rings, and more rings. There were also those halfway marks that would make it to where you would not have to start at the beginning if you died after reaching that point (that was the first game that I had seen with that concept). And, of course, we all remember the evil henchmen always intent on slowing down that tennis shoe sporting rodent-robots of all shapes, sizes, and colors that were reluctantly operated by poor enslaved animals held captive by the evil Dr. Robotnik.

We have all seen it. The point is to speed through each progressively longer, more complex stage as fast as you can, while collecting as many rings as you can, freeing as many animals as you can by destroying the robots that hold them away, bouncing off of bumpers, speeding through boosts, and utilizing the power ups to make it to the boss at the end without dying. Of course, in Sonic Games, speed has always been the main contributor to the games' originality. The best part of the game was to hit every boost and bumper in sight to go so fast that you can almost not even process what is going on (and that is usually when you get hit by a bad guy and lose all your rings). All I ever wanted to do was get through a level without losing any rings, but I usually just got through with my life and maybe five or ten of those little buggers.

As far as characters go, Sonic hardly had any solo time on his hands. In no time, he had tails as his own personal assistant. Then came Knuckles and finally … Cream the Bunny? The funny thing is that what set each of these guys apart from Sonic is that they can glide-Tails uses his … tails, Knuckles flies around Superman style, and Cream flaps her ears of all things. Oh yeah, there's also Shadow the Hedgehog, but I do not know much about him. Once Sonic tried to make the jump to 3-D games, I completely lost interest in Sonic Games. I just do not think that they ever made it work out as well as other franchises were able to do.

At any rate with Sonic learning legendary platformer status, you will still find new games being made and sold for consoles, but Sonic Games are also a part of the growing trend in internet gaming. Again we see games being built in flash and other forms to be distributed online for free to the public. Sonic Games are no different from any other games online in that there are a variety of different formats and concepts to choose from, and while there are some promising games out there, there is no guarantee that you will always find a good one. So have fun, use caution, but if you do anything run with the Hedgehog! Yeah!

Source by Dundee Phelpshmead

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