Rolling Fall Game

You may love vampires in the games but you just are allergic to zombies. Are you? All they want is to get your brains with challenges so before they can do so, it is better to clear each thing about them. In case you are a kind of person who really loves to think a few possible cases, this is the right game designed for you. Rolling Fall is really much like a dynamic puzzle game as it has the required attributes. It is more interesting than any normal video games available in the market as you require using your head to solve the puzzle. It's great, rather.

This game has the material which individuals search for. This tiny and minor thing has the potential to turn you on. The name "Rolling fall" indicates that you need to roll and fall. You have to finish several hideous zombies with an iron ball hanging from some chains. You may be thinking what is so big deal eradicating some Zombies using some hanging balls! Before you Jump to the conclusion give 3 minutes play it once! This is a puzzle game and it requires some effective as well as practical mind if you are wishing to carry out the levels. There are 30 levels to be more precise. And you will feel the thrill the more you will go. You need to complete the first thirty if you are willing to play the extra ones. The menu contains nothing complicated. The common ones Play, High Scores, Credits, and More games. After you click on the play button, all the stages will be shown as it disclosed although they are all closed that means you must stay with the level 1.

The very first 3 levels are a piece of cake but soon after the situation start getting trickier. You definitely must put your brain to work in case you want to finish this game. It can happen that you stuck up to some level and not able to go beyond. There are plentiful of tricky things which grasp the power to stop you from finish the stage. You should take a close look at your surroundings because you will find some things that are useful and something which can bring you to an end. The victory is totally dependent on you. Give Rolling Fall a go! Find out how excellent you are in wiping out these zombies.

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