Resident Evil 5 – The Evil Has Returned

Just when we thought we were safe to take our chemical suit off, Resident Evil is back to haunt our dreams and the bio hazard threat just will not end. Resident Evil 5 has been released on 13 March 2009 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 through Capcom just like Resident Evil 4. However, unfortunately for gamers everywhere this is not the only comparison between the two games.

Resident Evil 4 proved that even when continuing a series you can take a game into a completely different area and make it something new and exciting but rather than doing this again they seem to have given us a slightly watered down version of Resident Evil 4. This has disappointed quite a few fans as rather than taking a step forward in the Survival Horror genre it looks as though RE5 has taken a nudge backwards. The biggest flaw in RE5 is that it does not go on for very long, only around 10-12 hours play which is around half the time of RE4. That gore filled action that does take place is very much in your face with gamers losing the thrill of waiting for the zombies to arrive as they are more relentlessly coming at you and can leave players feeling slightly desensitized rather than the suspense building up to them.

Although it has not scored many points for originality or length, the action and horror that is there is still worth a look as anyone who has not played RE4 will absolutely love this game (especially if you like Gears Of War). Those who loved RE4 will enjoy this sequel for the excitement and the co-op play between yourself and a new character, Sheva, who is one of the new features in RE5, though this will mean less of a single player experience – you will be thankful for the relief when referring happens right in the middle of a gore filled mutant attack and she is there to machine gun down anyone getting too close. The interaction between the two characters makes the game really come to life and helps give the gamer a fresh experience.

Overall Resident Evil 5 is still second to Gears Of Wars 2 in terms of survival horrors but is definitely worth a go.

Source by Josh Crowley

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