Rent Games Online for the Kids

It's risky business allowing your children to play games online. I know that may sound funny but I have a good argument to back up my opinion. If you continue reading I will share it with you.

I work from home on my computer; my computer is my livelihood and it is how I make my money. Allowed my kids to play on my computer also makes my computer suspectible to ad aware, spam and the like. For someone that works from home, this can be a very big problem if my computer ends up infected with a virus! Every single time I go to a cheat code site for my son, I have to go remove the entire ad aware I just picked up. Not to mention that due to my working, I can not always let him sit and play his games and we were both frustrated.

We than saw an ad to rent games online, we have been happy ever since! I have the games shipped to my house, there are no late fees and the monthly fee is a flat rate for unlimited rentals. As you can see, this is a win / win situation for us! He gets to play all games he wants and I get to keep my computer.

Rent games online will also save you time and money! No longer will you have to go wait in line to rent a game, you can now have them sent to your door – I have to tell you, this is my favorite part. Along with saving money of course!

Source by Jay Coleby

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