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The gaming business has been gaining its required credibility in recent times. It has been very fascinating to have a video game console in your hands and move the lever up and down to have some adrenalin pumping action. Lately, there has been much advancement in the gaming community. Several new games hardware has been launched to let the users have a feel of the console and experience its worth. Owing to the fact that these video games consoles and hand held devices are not only on hype in the smaller age groups, but also in adults, Sony Electronics have launched a new series of hand held hardware device, the PSP Go games.

Sony officials announced the release of PSP Go hand held at the E3 show, this year. The psp go has a smaller, sliding screen and the games can only be downloaded it as there is no longer the Coveted Sony UDMA disk option. There is no external aid provided to change the game or to upgrade your options of gaming. Touch screen facility and the use of an analog stick are also absent from the console. The most eluding fact about the Go is that the games will be on sale in North America on the 1st of October, this year at an introductory price of $ 249.

The PSP Go games console has a 3.8 inch broad screen. The console is assumed to be 43 percent lighter than the existing version of PSP3000. The console resembles to the Sony Mylo game as the gaming controls pop up when slide the screen. The unit has an inbuilt memory of 16 GB and can be expanded using the Memory Stick Micro (M2) niche.

The gaming unit has a four-way control pad the left, four standard geometrically implicit controls of shapes square, circle, triangle and cross on the right and begin and choose buttons in the center. It also has a "HOME" button dedicated to the PlayStation mode on the left side of the screen.

The new console has various dissimilarities to the existing PSP 3000 gaming console. The PSP Go has a weight of 3.8 ounce which is 43% less than the PSP 3000. The screen width of the former is 3.8 inch while the PSP 3000 screen was 4.3 inch wide. The Form Factor of PSP Go is 4.8 x 2.6 x 0.6 inches while that of PSP 3000 is 6.7 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches. Bluetooth facility is missing from the new console while it is present in the PSP 3000 game.

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