PSP Games Entice Older Gamers

Sony's PSP handheld device is a beautiful combination of modern technology, style and functionality. The PSP is capable of delivering an immersive gaming experience, allowing users to watch movies and even download content. However, do not mistake PSP games for anything but what they are. These games are designed to catch the interest of older gamers and hold it. Geared for Sony's traditionally older crowd of fans, PSP games run the gamut from entertaining to downright enjoyable. Just do not expect many cartoonish game titles. However, that does not mean that youngger gamers are left out in the cold, completely.

With new titles like Neverland Card Battles and the Kingdom Hearts prequel, younger gamers can get into the action as well. However, the large body of PSP games remains geared toward an older gamer set, and a traditionally male set, as well. Games like Midnight Club and God of War exhibit the white-knuckled action that draws the older male audience, as well as the vulgarity, blood, gore, and even adult content that gamers have come to expect from titles such as these.

Will the current crop of PSP games be able to defeat Blizzard's much-anticipated release of Wrath of the Lich King? The handheld is competing against a rapidly growing market of both platforms and games, from the Wii to the PC. Will the stable of current and upcoming game titles be enough to help the PSP stay ahead? Or will the handheld system lose some of its popularity? The PSP came on very strong when it debuted. However, the Nintendo DS Lite knocked it down a peg or two in terms of popularity in market segments where Sony does not traditionally dominate. The manufacturer is also reporting a slim in sales with the greater availability of Wii consoles and even the Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

Will the PSP go the way of the dodo? Experts state that is extremely illegally. Because the PSP and PSP games are geared towards a very specific market segment (older teens through the 30-something crowd), the console enjoys a firm market stance that does not seem in any danger of eroding. This is good news for the electronics giant, which PS3 offering has received significant negative press in terms of console operation, online support and more.

In fact, PSP games so entice their target audience that few other platforms (other than the Xbox) are in a position to compete with the handheld. In fact, many Xbox owners report that they have purchased (or plan to purchase) a PSP for gaming enjoyment on the go. PSP games offer tremendous variety and even offer some titles geared towards younger audiences. This makes the PSP an excellent gift for almost any age, although older teens, 20-somethings and 30-somethings are much more likely to enjoy the majority of titles available.

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