Proun Racing

On rails has become something of a hit during the last few years and many games featuring on rails are the darling of the gaming industry. Just what is it about on rails that make it so popular?

Proun is a fabulous racing game utilizing on rails and takes place in a wonderful world of amazing graphics. The scenes are beautifully created with wonderful graphics and artwork. You may not have time however, to admire the scenery as you race by at incredible speeds. You need to concentrate quite hard to avoid hitting the obstacles in your path, so people with slow reflexes better stay away from this racing game.

This is indy racing at its best. There is not much variety, but the action is astounding. Racing fans can not complain much and will have a thorough enjoyable experience. Your heart will race as you take your car on the road to victory. The controls are simple and easy to use. There are no complicated and difficult moves to learn. It is specifically designed so that you can avoid hitting objects that speed at you so fast you can barely see them. The fun in the game never stops. You will soon get used to traveling at high speed and your adrenaline will pump in your blood like no other game has done for you. You need to think as fast as your reflexes are, to decide how to maneuver around the next corner. There are no half measures in this game.

It is a race against time. You must clock the fastest lap time to beat your opponents as they are fast, very fast. You must memorize the tracks and come up with a quick solution how to keep your race line. It's a fast moving, fast thinking game that keeps you on your toes through. Avoid spinning on the track or your opponents will pass you and you'll have a hard time catching up. You have a speed booster that makes you go even faster, but do not use that too much, because if you lose your concentration and end up crashing or stopping your car, then you will lose the race as too much time would have been lost . Some of the tracks are difficult to move along as you can not see clearly beyond the horizon. The turns may be too sharp and the road too narrow to allow for much maneuverability.

The main aim is to play through champion mode and you have to race one track after the other. You can not avoid any tracks that you dislike so you will be forced to play all of them to your disliking in most cases. You can unlock a secret track, but most gamers will not reach this stage as it is very tough to reach this height.

Once you complete the game the action does not stop there. You will be inspired to play it again and again. This racing game is purely addictive and reminiscent of days gone by when arcade games appeared to every teenager around the globe. Arcade has lost its spark but Proun is designed to reverse all of that.

If you prefer designing your own tracks there is a track editor somewhere and you can play around with it. On the developers website you can download more tracks that suit your fancy. Proun's enthusiastic community can also upload new tracks to the website for other fans to download and enjoy.

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