Playstation 3 Downloadable Games Review – Lemmings

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This is a game review of Lemmings, which I think is one of the best PlayStation 3 downloadable games that is currently available through the PlayStation 3's online store service.

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Lemmings: 9/10

My Overview

Lemings is by far the most amusing and mentally challenging title out for the PS3 via online download.

To complete a level in Lemmings, you must lead a certain number of lemmings to a goal given a certain number of 'costumes' that you can put them in. Each 'costume' gives the lemming a particular duty, or power. You can dress them in these to make them become a digger, a roadblock to stop the other lemmings, a climber to scale walls, a bridge builder, and more.

The game is amazingly entertaining, and a great game to play as a group. The online scoreboard also lends a certain degree of competitiveness that adds to the overall impression of the game.

My Complaints

1. Some of the levels are EXTREMELY challenging, this is not a game for your four year old, so do not expect a lot of gameplay for the younger gamers in the family.

2. On my particular brand of 1080i LCD television (Westinghouse 37 "), I have to adjust the screen width every time I start the game, it cuts off maybe five percent of the screen on both the left and right, which is not much , but you really need to see the whole screen for this game. Watch out for this, this is the only PS3 title that I've had a problem with.

My Tip

Use the 'zoom' and the 'speed up' feature (both are controller buttons) to be more accurate and to speed up gameplay. Also, just restart the level if you fail, and you will, it's actually full of many amusing death animations. (Poor lil 'guys!)

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