Play Pick 3 for Winning Money Fast

Many people spend a few dollars a week to feed
their dream of winning the big lotto games. The
appealing of hitting those monstrous jackpots can
be overwhelming. However the odds of anyone
reading who is reading this article, actually
winning one of these huge jackpots, is extremely

I like many of you spend a few dollars a week to
feed my dream of hitting the big one. But many years
I learned that the real money to be made in the
state lotteries was in the daily games, and the Pick 3
variety in particular. The Pick 3 daily games offer
odds of only 1 in 1000 that you will win the top
jackpot. In most states a mear $ 1 bet will pay you
approximately $ 500 as the top prize.

With the Pick 3 offering odds of 1 in 1000, for a
payout $ 500 on a $ 1 bet, that's where I choose to play
the bulk of my lottery dollars. Many states actually
draw these games twice a day, seven days a week. That
means a lot of action, and many more opportunities to
win! The Pick 3 is fun to play, and much easier to win.
You will not win the multi-million dollar jackpot, but you
should win much more often.

Please do not underestimate the power of winning $ 500
jackpots. They add up very quickly!

Source by Arlene Meeks

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