Play Burned Games on Your Wii

As we all know buying a Wii games is not that easy and the amount of money you should invest on it is huge enough to make you exercise more care on the original Nintendo game DVD. A revolution has begun to make sure that you do not worry much about taking care of the original DVDs. Wii games are very much expensive, although they deserve the price, but it is unfair to restrict us from using the backup DVDs in case of the original DVD getting impaired. This has been reported as the biggest problem in Nintendo's Wii.

Nintendo's Wii is beset with these concerns, but still we have got a solution to tackle this situation. One of the things you can do at this joke is to install a hardware chipset inside your system board of the Wii and install a Homebrew on the Wii to start playing different ranges of games, which are not supported by Nintendo. The biggest advantages of doing so is that now you can play music and video files of the type Divx; play games from a back up file which you have burned to replace your original scratched DVD.

Its about Burning games in DVD

There are lots and lots of sources for you to get the game of your choice for your Nintendo Wii. There are lots of websites which offer you the best games in the form of an iso file which you can download and store in your hard disk drive. The downloading of such an iso game file will take you somewhere from two to three hours and it depends on your internet bandwidth and also connectivity.

  • Once you have downloaded the iso file, make sure that it will readable by the Wii which we have modified using the Homebrew installation. Now after doing all these above mentioned things, insert a blank DVD inside the DVD burner.
  • It is advised that you burn the iso file on a DVD-r so that a Homebrew modified Wii can read it. Write the iso file on the DVD which you have inserted inside the DVD writer.
  • After writing the DVD, insert it into the Wii which will play it like any other Nintendo game.

However, there are more simple ways. If you do not want to go through the trouble with all this or risking voiding the warranty on the Wii, I suggest using a Homebrew or BreWii software. It Features of the Nintendo Wii.

  • There are some shrewd features that come along with the Nintendo Wii which will help you to play burned games on your Wii. One of the important features is the Nintendo Wii controller, which exceeds the hi-tech level control to the joystick.
  • The controls have a state of the art material to be flexible enough to yield to all your strains on the buttons.You can also increase or decrease the level of sensitivity. The presence of the Nunchuk controller has greatly influenced the people's choice.
  • The latest edition includes the kind of d-pad type of controller. The recently released Wii supports the GameCube type of controller so that it is easy for people who have not used the D-pad type.

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