Play Backup Xbox 360 Games Without a Mod Chip

Years and years ago when the Xbox 360 first hit the stores it appeared as if Microsoft was happy that their system appeared 100% copyright protected and was unbreakable. Frankly who can blame them, they're a huge company and the more games we purchase from them the better even if this includes us paying twice or even three times for the same game because of an accident which may have lead to the destruction of the game disk, or even if you did not damage the disk repetitive use can still cause games to wear down and fail to work.

For the hardcore gamer like you and I however this is not acceptable, I mean if we buy a computer game we should be able to take steps to protect our self from having to purchase it again in the event we damage the game. The first system that came into place for allowing us to backup computer games required a modulation chip or mod chip for short.

The mod chip then had to be soldered onto the Xbox360's motherboard to allow the gamer to play a copied game. This was not an option for most people as many of us myself included have no idea how to sold a mod chip onto another component inside a video game system.

Thankfully today the whole process to backup Xbox 360 games is a lot easier and only involves a blank disk, the original computer game, software and a step by step tutorial on how to get started so you can copy your computer games right away.

Source by Ricky Davies

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