My Favorite Kids Party Games

Here is a list of my favorite kids group / party games –

Sharky, shaky, sharky

In a playing field set boundary lines. Split the kids into two groups the fishes and the sharks. There should be more fish then sharks. The sharks stand in the center and the fishes to one side. The sharks yell "Fishy, ​​fishy, ​​fishy come into my sea" and the fishes reply "Sharky, sharky, sharky you can not catch me", then run across the field trying not to be done before they make it to the other side . If done, they become funky seaweed and can tag the fish. The game continues until all the fish have been done.

Hat grab

Split the group into two equal sized teams. Groups stand opposite each other with a hat in the middle. Each member of the group is assigned a number. Once that number is called the players try and grab the hat and return to their team without being tagged by the other player. If player is tagged while holding hat other team gets point. If player returns to team without being tagged team gets point. You can call multiple numbers at once.

I love you but I can not make you laugh

Get the group to stand in a circle. A player is chosen and says to another "I love you but I can not make you laugh" they reply "You love me and you can not make me laugh". If they laugh then they say "I love you but I can not make you laugh" to another member of the group. If not then the player tries another person.

King bunny

Another game where everyone stands in a circle. This game is large about co-regulation and paying attention. A King Bunny is chosen who puts up both ears (hands above head with two fingers pointed in air). The players next to King Bunny must have one ear up. If King Bunny drops an ear then player next to King becomes King Bunny. If King Bunny points both ears at a player, then that player and players next to him / her become King Bunnies. Player who makes a mistake is out. Last three players left in game are the winners

Shark attack!

This is a really simple yet fun game. When "Shark attack" is yelled players must get both feet off the ground. They can jump on anything or anyone. Avoid car parks and shops.

Source by Sarah P Jane

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