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Recently I decided to begin downloading some movies to watch during the summer rerun season. I began searching for the best deal available. I had thought of the movie rental places, but their stock is by nature limited to what is most popular. And their prices are not so cheap either. My tastes are somewhat different and what I am looking for is rarely stocked.

My ideas about entertaining movies are more along the lines of movies made many years ago – musicals, mysteries, comedies. Strange is not it how for so many years comedians could tell jokes for hours – and receive standing ovations – without uttering a single curse word and without the inference that one person is somehow inferior to another. Those days may not have been the perfect ones, but at least families could really find entertaining movies to go to together with no chance of anyone being offended or denigrated.

But not anymore! If you are lucky enough, you might be able to sit through five or ten minutes of a movie without being subjected to a flurry of curse words or someone's naked butt sticking out at you from the screen. Thanks, but no thanks! I'm old enough that I have already heard (and used) all those words and I know what they mean so there is no fascination in hearing them for me. And I've seen my own butt often enough in the mirror that I am able to recognize one when I see it, so I do not feel the need to see anyone else's.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I found a site which offers unlimited downloading opportunities for more than 80 million DVD quality movies. Of course the service has a cost – just as with everything in life. But that one time cost was less than $ 35 for unlimited access and unlimited downloading . How many rentals could you get for that? And, you do not need to drive to the rental store in a blizzard or a rain storm. What a selection these people have! They offered both old and very new movies; I even found movies that I had enjoyed watching with my parents when I was a child. Very good memories indeed!

I found this great surprise at and am very happy that I did. I think you will be just as happy. This site sees to have gathered into one place most everything you might be looking for in the way of entertainment. The site provides you with access to hundreds of millions of movies, music, videos and games. You can download full CDs from some of the sites. There are downloads for Mac users too. You can even find downloads for MP3 players and other portable devices. I think if you can not find something at this site that you will enjoy, it probably does not exist.

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