Most Popular Wii Games This Christmas

Christmas Day is fast drawing close and the hunt for the perfect present will soon be underway. If you're getting a present for someone who loves Wii, I have a list of this season's most popular Wii games.

One Wii game that has been most highly anticipated is the celebrated Sim City game series. With "Sim City Creator", you will be able to build your own city as well as producing and executing a few nightmare natural catastrophes. Utilize the Wii Remote to whip-up whirlwinds, smash up the Hand of God on constructions, or roll out a monster Katamari-like ball of destruction over the entire metropolis.

As for fans of the infamous Mario game, "Mario Kart Wii" boasts Wii specialized movement commands. You will be able to select classic Nintendo characters or construct an individualized Mii and contend with as many opponents that you want. If you utilize the Wii Wheel with the Wii Remote, you can execute some awe-inspiring acceleration tricks, simply by vibrating the controllers.

Next up, the highly popular Guitar Hero. It first made its appearance on the Wii last year and a very successful hit. This year, "Guitar Hero World Tour" promises to be even better. With the addition of a microphone and drums, this should definitely be one of the games to get this Christmas.

"Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party" is the sort of game that is just perfect for the Nintendo Wii. It's amusing, it's interactive and with 40 fresh min-games operated by sitting down and turning on the Wii Balance Board, it's the perfect game for a Christmas party.

Lastly, even though the Wii Fit has been around for a while, it is still a very good choice for a Christmas gift. The balance board for the game can be used to practice aerobics, yoga, and almost any other physical activity that could give you a good workout. I'm sure we could do with a few less calories after all that partying!

These are just some of the more popular Wii games that I recommend to get. Of course, there are still plenty out there, so do feel free to let us know if you chance upon an awesome game!

Source by Ronny Lua

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