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Spiderman Games are pretty widespread online. This is the second time I have written about them. Before, when I wrote about them, I gave a basic overview and brief history of Spiderman Games on consoles as well as on the internet. This time around I would like to focus on the games that are found online, and what would make them better. There are different games with different and separate components that would be best utilized if they were together. Some games are grappling or web-slinging games. The point of these games is usually to swing around obstacles and cross the most distance without falling off the screen. Other games entail jumping from building to building and shooting enemies with balls of web or all out trying to avoid the enemies, but these games usually have no way to grappling or swing with Spiderman's web.

My idea would be to combine these game play styles to create a fuller Spiderman game with better game balance. The stages for the game would still be in the city, but it would be bigger. Most successful PC games online have large worlds in which the player is free to explore. The point of these newer Spiderman games would be to follow your Spidey Senses which would probably be indicated by some sort of arrows that would lead you to criminals that need to be stopped. The criminals would use guns, knives, and other random projectiles to attempt to fight off Spiderman. The controls would be WASD for movement: W being jump, A being move left, S being duck, and D being move right. The space bar would control a punch or kick attack. B would block, and the player would use the cursor to aim Spiderman's web, left click to use the web to grapple, or right click to use it as a weapon. Spiderman would also be able to left click bad guys and drag him around quickly to whip him across the screen with his web.

This would probably be the simplest way to make the controls for any good Spiderman games, especially for the Spiderman's attacks, but there is another way I would like to discuss. Some of the more successful games that I spoke of above have a ten key inventory that the player can navigate by using the number keys or simply scrolling with the wheel on the mouse. This would open up a lot more possibilities for web weapons and other usable items. Examples of these weapons would be different kinds of web traps, nets, and projectiles to shoot at enemies. An example of a usable item could be some sort of web trampoline that can be placed to leap extra high.

Another successful idea that would be useful for Spiderman games would be that of a night and day cycle. Like in other games, nights would be more dangerous than days in the form of more crime and a higher chance of bumping into a boss or super villain. The player would have to reach some sort of achievement or goal to be able to fight each super villain and be veryly rewarded for defeating one. There would be different places to explore in the city like roof tops, streets, subways, warehouses, and piers to name a few.

As we have discussed there are some very entertaining attributes to the free Spiderman Games online, but if we were to put them all together into a new blend of games, it would make for one heck of a time on your PC!

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