Making Backups of Xbox Games

Many Xbox 360 owners want to be able to copy their games to have a backup if the original is lost or damaged. Just imagine if you got a new game scratched after only a few tries. It seemed to be a game that you enjoyed and had paid $ 50 to own it. If you understand how to copy your Xbox 360 games then you've got a back up. If something does go wrong or it gets lost or scratched then you've got the security of having a same-as-new backup copy to use and you have not lost anything.

Just the playing of your video game will tend to cause disk wear over time. Although you may not realize it, every time you play, it becomes a little used and worn a little. More often, gaming disks can be damaged by getting dropped or scratched. Damages like these can generally never be fixed and is why you need to back them up. Scratches also frequently happen due to faulty hardware or mishandled use. Game systems add wear to the disk every time you play it. By duplicating them and making backups, you will never need to buy the same Xbox game again and that saves money.

In order to make a backup copy of your Xbox or Xbox 360 game you will need special software as standard software that you may use to copy CDs or DVDs will not work due to the security codes. There are a few different firms that have produced software programs specifically for making backups of Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

After the software has been installed you want to load your original Xbox game into your PC's disc drive and start the duplicating process. It then writes all of this information back to a new blank disk which will be received by your Xbox console as an original and is impossible to tell it has been copied.

This entire process should take only a few minutes and then you have the comfort and security of knowing that you have a "same as new" backup copy of your game to use in case your original game should become damaged or lost.

It is very important that you understand that we are not trying to encourage you to make illegal copies of Xbox games! Our goal is simply to explain that you can make backup copies of the games that you already own to protech your investment. This is totally legal, and it gives you a technique to make sure you have a copy in case something occurs to the original.

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