Kids and Games, Protect Your Investment

Kids and games are meant to go together. The problem is that most electronic games today are expensive and purchasing one for a child may mean throwing money out the window. This is especially true for those gaming systems with the LCD screens and more so for those that use a touch screen and stylus. It is well known that kids are not gentle on stuff and those screens must be handled with care. What is a parent to do to keep the kids happy but protect the investments that they make for gaming systems?

The answer is actually cheap and easy. For about the same as a kids' meal at their favorite restaurant, you can protect those fragile LCD screens from your child's careless fingers. All 4-Mobile carries LCD screen protectors specifically designed and cut for the Sonny PlayStation Personal and is scheduled to carry them for the Nintendo DSi shortly.

These LCD screen protectors are specifically cut for each device and are made from a triple layer technology and high quality materials. The protectors are anti-glare, UV protected, and completely transparent. The anti-glare helps protect your child from eye strain from looking at the screen too long, while the UV protection helps protect the device from fading and discoloration from environmental concerns. Since they are completely transparent, your child can play all their games in their true, vibrant colors.

LCD protectors are easy to apply. When following the directions and working on a dust free surface, they apply bubble free. You child will never realize a protective film is there. If a bubble does appear or the protector becomes dirty, simply remove it and clean. It will not leave behind a residual and is easily reapplied.
You can feel confident purchasing screen protectors from All-4-mobile. All orders come with two screen protectors, a cleaning cloth and instructions, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most orders ship within 24 hours and directly to your door. If you are a parent living in the UK, your order will ship to you for free.

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