I Love GameFly!

I just signed up for a second month of GameFly, and I must say it is the best way to get video games. Usually, I would just walk down to the local video rental store but now I just have to walk down to the mailbox; which is awesome.

The free month of video games is great, I beat 12 games during the free trial. I was surprised to see how many games they had available. New and old games alike were easy to find and choose with their Netflix-style interface.

By far the best part was that every game worked! I've had endless trouble with videogames from Blockbuster and the like, the games were almost all scratched. There is nothing worse than getting into a game then it freezes up on you and you're forced to either restart what you were doing or just stop playing if it's too scratched.

I saw the coupon for a free month, but I assumed it would be limited or something. But I got two games at a time and had no restrictions on how many games I could get in a month. I went a little nuts and played video games from the time I got home from work to bed time. I have certainly eased up now that I decided just to start paying for the service instead of racing to beat the clock.

I tell all my friends to try it out, and a lot of them did the same thing I did. Most of them stopped after the free month of GameFly, but the few that did have become my non-stop gaming buddies. We coordinate when the games are coming so we can play them online with each other. I had four friends all renting Mario Kart for the Wii, we played so, so many tournaments and had a blast.

Try it out, get a coupon for a free month of GameFly .

Source by Chris Tully

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