How to Play Wii Sports

I love when people ask me how to play Wii sports, because the beauty of Wii Sports is that it's really easy to play. What I want to tell people is to simply grab the controller, and before you know it, you'll be controlling the game like it's second nature. That's what is so great about the game.

There are five games in Wii Sports. Bowling, Boxing, Golf, Tennis, and Baseball. So how do you play them? Baseball is actually very simple to play. Hold the Wii remote like you would an actual Baseball bat. Once done, swing the remote like you would a real Baseball bat and try and hit the ball. That's it. So how do you pitch? Simply hold the Wii remote in your hand, and "shake it." Or essentially, mimic what you would do while throwing a real ball, just do not let go of the Wii remote.

There are different ways you can throw the ball by simply utilizing the buttons on the Wii remote. With Bowling, press and hold the B button and swing the controller as you would a bowling ball. The B button acts as your fingers do with a real bowling ball. Let go of the B button to release the bowling ball. With Tennis, once again, swing the remote as you would a real tennis racquet.

To serve the ball, swing the remote upwards to throw the ball upwards. As the ball comes down, swing the remote to try and hit it. If you want, you can replace the upwards motion to throw the ball up with pressing the A button instead. With Golf, swing the remote like you would a real golf club. For a practice shot, simply swing the remote. When your ready to finally hit the ball, swing the remote, but only this time hold down the A button at the same time.

Last but not least is Boxing. Connect the Nunchuck into the Wii remote and start swinging away. Yes, the remote and nunchuck act as your arms and hands. That pretty much wraps it up on how to play Wii Sports. Make sure your wearing the wrist strap, just in case your controller decides to go flying. Wii Sports comes bundled with the purchase of a Wii console. It's a game the whole family can enjoy. Have fun!

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