Hot Baby Shower Games for the Chosen Few!

You just got the little pastel envelope in the mail. As much as you care for your friend, for a split second you consider sending a gift and ditching the shower. No, you need to go; she would be hurt if you did not show up. After all, would not you miss all the baby shower games ?! Men have no idea what exactly they are missing in not being invited to baby showers. However, many women wish they had no idea what games were played at baby showers, but alas, we are the chosen few.

The first game played at every baby shower is the ribbon game. With different name variations, this game basically entails everyone cutting a piece of ribbon in estimation of the circumference of the expectant mother's tummy. Of course, the really fun part comes when the pieces are compared to the mother's stomach … and some of them wrap around her three times! A great way to make a mommy feel HUGE, the winner is the person with the most accurate piece of ribbon.

A much more amusing game is the clothes pin game! Much less torture on the mother-to-be, this game focuses on forcing the attendees of the party into contortionist positions while trying to clip a clothes pin to their back … by bending over and reaching through their legs! For your own amusement, or sheer curiosity, try to do this at home (preferably alone); you will be amazed at how easy it is to fall right over while straining to reach your back through your legs!

So, go out and buy your cute little baby gift; you have a party to go to. If for other reason than putting a smile on your friend's face, you can at least find pleasure in a bunch of other women being tortured into the same ridiculous situations. Get ready for the baby shower games; you better start stretching now!

Source by Suzy Corrado

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