Halo 3 Game Review

So you've played Halo 2 and think its great and could not get better. Well we just want to tell you that you were wrong. You might have thought it could not get better, but it does. Halo 3 is amazing. Halo 3 goes back to Master Chief speeding towards Earth while Cortana is in the Graveminds clutches. Master Chief just destroyed the second Halo and the Elites have made an alliance with the humans. The Covenant has now discovered Earth and are digging in the sands of Africa to find what they think is a forerunner's installation. This is the only thing that is sparing the humans but if they find what they are looking, all life in the galaxy will die in one big explosion. To make matters worse the flood have also landed on Earth infecting all those in there way.

The PROS of Halo 3
-great games under matchmaking
-campaign is a thriller; leaves a questionable ending
-new game features called Forge and Theater; both are great new editions
-offers great ways to keep in touch with friends
– unlike in Halo 2, Halo 3's campaign allows up to 4 people over xbox live (only 2 on an xbox)

The CONS of Halo 3
-In Matchmaking it takes a while for a game to start (around 2 minutes.)
-For those who do not like stories that do not really have an ending, do not play the campaign.

Is Halo 3 better than Halo 2? Well I think if you went around asking you will get almost 100% yes's. Halo 3 offers a whole new matchmaking experience. It offers new maps, guns, and vehicles. Another new thing in Halo 3 is equipment. Equipment adds a whole new aspect to matchmaking. Think about this; when you just killed someone and are low on health and you notice an enemy about to shoot you. Well you just through down a bubble shield and veesto, you regain your health and are able to go for another kill. Also while in Matchmaking you can get rankings. If you win games you get experience and you will ever get your rank up. I think the campaign is much better also. The levels have a lot of variety and have a great story line.

I think the campaign is much better also. The levels have a lot of variety and have a great story line.The cut scenes are much shorter now but also are much, much better. The equipment changes the campaign game play too. You will notice brutes throwing down bubble shields protecting themselves and any grunts around them. Another new aspect in the Halo 3 Campaign is skulls. Now in many of the level you will have the ability to find hidden skulls. These skulls unlock different stuff in the game. When you collect all the skulls you unlock a new armor type that looks sweet.

The Forge aspect of Halo 3 is another improvement over Halo 2. You can edit the map while your in the game. You can add anything. You can also create maps which is great. It makes great games which are very enjoyable and anything can happen.

Another thing Halo 3 has over Halo 2 is theater. Theater is the best thing, in my opinion, that Bungie has added. You can record video clips of that no scope sniper shot off the back of a mongoose. You could take screen shots of that great explosion of you owning a noob. You can share your video clips and screen shots with your friends.

All in all I think that Halo 3 is a must for any gamers library. It is a very high quality game with great game play. You can have blowouts or really close games. With even more fun you can invite your friends, smack talk the enemy before the game, and if you win you rub it in their face, if you lose you quickly quit back to the lobby page. So do yourself a favor and buy this game … you'll be helping yourself.

Source by Luke Larry

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