Games To Download On iPhone

What is the life of an ordinary man custod of? Work , education and endless duties, you may say. Today even modern electronic devices are used broadly for educational and working purposes. Have you tired of this exclusive circle? Then take your iPhone and welcome the time of entertainment !

Let's start with iPhone Assassin. Frankly speaking, it's the most uncommon game I've ever met because of its unique combination of simplicity and excitment . The sense of the game can be formulated briefly: you actually assassinate other iPhone users!

Just after signing up at the game's homepage you will be given a special code name and an opportunity to create your nickname. That's the end of preparations, go find your first victim! Surely, you must be near your victim and you must see his of her iPhone. . Once you have found an iPhone user also being a part of the game you should pronounce the key phrase "This is an iPhone Assassination!" and then click on the "I've just made a kill" button. Your victim should click the "I've just been killed" button at the same time and get a special number which the killer must enter to finish the assassination. These iPhone users can not assassinate each other anymore.

You score will increase by the number of point equal to the amount of your victim's assassinations. You can check your current score anytime by simply pressing a button on the main page . Sounds amusing? Try iPhone Assassin yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Another game I would like to pay your attention to is iPhone Darts. The first part of the game is simple: your aim is to become the first guy who reaches zero from the beginning score of 501. Just throw three darts per turn and your result will be subtracted from your total score .

But when the players get near the zero, the game becomes more tricky cause your aim is not only to reach zero, but also to finish as close to it as possible. For instance, if you have 16 points left double 8 is much better then double 10! All in all, comparing your accuracy and cunning skills with other iPhone users can be a real fun.

Source by Paul Lawrence Mitchell

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