Games That Revolutionized the Gaming Experience

In the world of gaming, there are few surprises. That's okay though. As gamers, we do not mind if a game is not completely original. But then, if games were always trying to blow our minds with new ideas, we would never know what titles we can trust to give us what we want. Every so often though, something comes along that has to be played to be understood. These games stand out a mile from the crowd, and redefined the way in which gamers looked at gaming. Below are a few examples. If you have not played them, buy them. If you are a student like me (or you just do not have any money), and you can not afford them, then find some games voucher codes (or books voucher codes, if you can find a book shop that sells games) on the internet somewhere to score some money off! There is no excuse for missing out on these classics.

Here's the list:

Street Fighter
Not the original "punch the other guy until he falls down" game, but the first one to suggest that the world's greatest martial artists were all very angry with each other, and had super powers. It formed a massive franchise and was the template for Tekken. Enough said.

Simply the most groundbreaking first person shooter ever made. It's still fun and scary today, despite the aged graphics. It set the tone for games like Quake, and even Halo, so it describes some respect.

Monkey Island
This was the game that made point-and-click adventure games great. It was more fun than you will ever believe unless you play it for yourself. Buy a copy now.

Resident Evil
The first horror game that was truly, truly scary. Admittedly the series went a bit wobbly after this offering, but this game's clever graphics and amazing use of tension were something special.

Final Fantasy VII
The greatest series of epic games ever created. If you like an in-depth story line, and breathing FMV, then you can do no better. This was the first Final Fantasy to feature more than one CD's-worth of game, and I have never had such strong feelings for in-game characters.

World of Warcraft
Be who you want to be, and live your life in an almost endless world. And slay monsters. No game has ever stolen people's free time more effectively. Warning: Warcraft is highly addictive – do not start.

Wii Sports
Playing tennis by swinging your controller like a tennis racket! It's genius. This is the beginning of true virtual reality, people. Pay attention.

If you love gaming, you need to learn about gaming history. There are old games out there that look horrendous, but beat modern games hands down on game-play.

Source by Daniel Crow

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