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In the 90's, when the new and exciting games came out, a lot of people had to get it. Now, years later, as gaming becoming available online, the hype is sending our children into frenzy, making parents go out and find the something new to play with. Many of these kids are adults.

The gaming scene pretty much divides into PC gaming and console gaming. Consoles are keeping a hold on things and the games come on CDs, DVDs or BlueRay discs. You can also buy PC games on discs and order them online or get them from a store, but a wider range of people prefer to download video games from online providing you have broadband access.

When looking for free sites, know that nothing in life is free. Remember when you could download music and movies without thinking you could get in trouble for it until the studios got involved after they started to lose millions of dollars for the illegal downloads? Well, you can still download games for free but often times; doing so is illegal – the games are copyrighted.

But as we step into this more more society, there is nothing better to do with your idyllic time than play free games online. In fact, there are so many online gaming portals available that you will have a hard time choosing which one to play first! If you search Google or other search engine for the best free online gaming portals you will find that there are actually some sites that show which ones are the best, or at least the ones that have the highest rankings.

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