Finally Experience Realistic PC Flight Simulation Games

It does not matter whether you're a pilot, learning to fly, or if you're just the type of person that enjoys a good PC flight simulation game. Flight games have been around for a long time and are not going anywhere. Some people have a thing for flying and being in the air, they have an insatiable thirst for flight. There are a few things that can add to the enjoyment of your flight experience and there are things that can add to its dissatisfaction.

Two Important Things To The Enjoyment of Flight Simulation Games

1. Graphics- Mainly you want to experience a flight sim that has extremely realistic graphics. To me there's nothing like having a game with great graphics. This is the # 1 aspect of a game in my opinion. If the graphics do not catch my eyes then I will not even consider the game. It may be the best game in regards to play control and story line, but if the graphics stink (pardon my language) then it's not worth my time or money.

The same is true with flight simulation games, sometimes even more important. You want a game that makes you feel like you've just walked outside your door. A flight game with the most stunning and accurate map of the solar system and able to simulate real-time weather conditions, now that's true to life simulation. If it's raining outside your door … then it's raining in the simulation game.

2. Play Control- Then after that there is the play control. Does it feel and operate as a real plane, helicopter, or jet fighter would? Can you feel the heaviness of the aircraft that you are operating? Do you really feel in control, or does it feel like an arcade game?

PC Flight Simulation Games and arcade flight games are totally different. With a simulation game, you have to learn how to operate the aircraft that you're manning; you have to know exactly what the different buttons and instrumentation are used for. With an arcade flight game, you just steer, push the a or b button and that's it … no true control that you can feel, that's the difference.

So if you're looking for a simple game where you just push the a or b button, pull up on the control and are able to fly immediately, then maybe true to life flight simulation games are not for you, because this type of game will take time to learn and master, but you will have hours of enjoyment.

Source by Chris C Johnson

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