Fighting Alzheimer's With Brain Games

One of the most used phrases when dealing with Alzheimer's is that while there is no cure, there are definitely strategies that can be employed to delay its debilitating effect. While the ultimate hand dealt by Alzheimer's is death, on the way, it causes memory lapse and weird behavior. This can occur over a sustained period of time, therefore, it is imperative that those with Alzheimer's exercise their brain. It has been proven time and time again that brain exercise helps to fight the disease and preserve the brain as a functioning organ.

The reason that we can use brain games to fight Alzheimer's is that the brain can be molded. It is not rigid cement like object. If it is tended to, it will become stronger but if it is left alone, its power will decrease. (By playing brain games, one helps the brain retain its cognitive abilities and associations (

One game that has been suggested many times is Sudoku. The Alzheimer's Association of Northern California recommends playing Sudoku or games like Sudoku to keep the brain healthy. The popular website also promotes Sudoku putting the emphasis on the need to number crunch.

Doctor William Reichman of the Toronto's Bay Crest Center believes that if Alzheimer's can be delayed by ten years, it will eradicate the disease ( This adds to the importance of keeping our brain active. While brain games are not the only way and many other activities should be used, it is nonetheless integral to the brain fitness program.

According to John Hopfield of Princeton University, Sudoku requires us to use a unique set of our neural pathways known as "association memory" ( This adds to the legitimacy of using Sudoku in the fight against Alzheimer's.

Sudoku is not the only game that can or should be used to fight against Alzheimer's. However it is a good start. Wooden Sudoku sets are fantastic for those who do not want to always have to buy the Sudoku magazines. In addition they are larger and therefore easier to see and are great for the bedroom or living room.

It will not be an easy fight, but hopefully with the help of brain games, Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia can be prolonged and one day extremely eradicated.

Source by Vanessa J Cooper

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