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When Sony released the PlayStation Portable system, the PSP, they had an immediate hit with the concept; the best system since the release of the GameBoy.

But the major difference here is that unlike other handheld game systems, the PSP has space for a storage drive that can actually be used to store games, movies and music. Even though they do sell games and movies for the PSP – if you're a bit smart about it, you can find totally free games and movies!

Yeap, that's right you can skip paying between $ 20 to $ 50 per file and get it for free!

The way this works is that you can actually download the games, music and movies right to your computer and then transfer it to your PSP. You can then save the file permanently on your computer and transfer it to your PSP when you want to use it.

So what are all the different types of files you can download for free?

– Games

– Movies

– Music

– Software

– Wallpaper

– Homebrew software

There are really 2 main ways you can download these files for free, one of them requires more work than the other …

1: Searching Search Engines

This option is absolutely free, however, it does require that you spend some time and energy searching for the files through Google, Yahoo or MSN (I recommend Google).

The other main problem is that you are risking getting viruses and spyware on your computer in the search process. Many of the websites that allow you to download these files can also cause harm to your computer.

But, if you do find a good website, it can be completely free. However, if you're willing to spend just a small fee up-front (just 1 time for life-time access), then you can skip all the research process and go right to downloading games, even as soon as tonight.

2: Dedicated Sites For PSP Downloads

There are many sites out there that charge you just a small fee for life-time access, but basically they have an entire database in one area for you. All these files can be trusted and are of high quality – they also have pretty much ANY PSP file ever created and are updated almost hourly!

The process is simple, you get immediate membership access, log-in and you can start searching for files and downloading them to your computer.

First you would just download to your computer, then you simply convert the files so they are PSP ready (this is a very short process) and finally you transfer it to your PSP and you're ready to go!

The main negative using these sites is just that most charge a small $ 37 1-time fee to get started. Our best advice to you is to actually sign-up with one of these sites to save you time and not risk getting a virus on your computer.

Now, there are many sites that offer this service and to be honest, some are right out scams and have a horrible database, so please stick to trusted sites like the ones we review in the link below.

Source by Sam Harrold

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