Dog Games

Dogs love to play games. Dog owners can strengthen their relationship with their pets by playing healthy games with them daily. Games are thought out exercises to remove the extra energy pilling up in dogs. The dog does not feel bored and stays away from interfering in our daily work. Games also increases body development and good muscles. Playing games can model real life. It requires the pet and the owner to communicate and work together in some way, benefitting both. Games also help train dogs in many ways like learning self-control, being careful, aiming at something or even guarding the house. Games can be as a way of rewarding dogs during obedience training. Dogs when taken for a picnic with family are very happy, that is time when you can play with dogs. During the picnics at times it becomes boring and monotonous but dogs can create a lively environment. Dog owners should play with their pets with lots of fun involved in the games. Games can also be played for giving rewards for some good deed and behavior. Through games dogs can also be taught many useful things as to fetch the newspaper from the garden or shoes from the rack.

The various types of games that can be played are – Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, Follow the Leader, Catching the ball or Frisbee, Tug of war etc. Dog racing and dressing up games are also fun. Dogs can also have their own soft toys or hard toys for playing like a bone shaped toy. Experiments can also be done with water colors and papers. Tests of obedience and agility can be done by many games. Dog games should be both outdoor and indoor, so as to help the complete development of the pet plus new learning. If everything is handled properly, then the learning is a new and good experience. There are many such games which also teach dogs about fire safety and how to escape and warn others about it. Games should be carefully selected as dogs tend to become dominant and aggressive. Games are also all about competition, but it should be friendly. Details on games for dogs are available in books and on internet. Dogs also should be allowed to play with other dogs and pets in the house. It helps to boost up their energy and moral. Like other living individuals dogs also have feelings and emotions which is at times difficult to understand but dogs do understand so always play games with your dogs and reward them.

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