Discover World of Warcraft Tips You Can Use to Catapult Your Gameplay

There is a wealth of World of Warcraft tips available online. They cover everything from setting up your game, installing extensions and mods and finding a quality leveling guide to choosing your style of play. Here are seven World of Warcraft tips that will help you get started playing the right way.

1. Read your quest journal. One mistake many players make that can hinder their game is asking directions in the chat channels instead of reading the journal. Frequently using chat can bring insults. It also can make it more difficult to find a group that will explore with you later. If need be, just ask the city guards for directions. Or use your "L" key on your keyboard to open up your journal which contains everything you need to complete your quests.

2. Study your environment early to make your game easier. There are some excellent maps to help you orient yourself before starting any quests. Knowing where to find things before you head out will minimize the time you spend referring to maps and asking for directions.

3. Experiment with other characters before creating your main character. Use them to find your way around and get a handle on how to play the game. When you do build your main character, it's best to fit it to your own personality as it will make the game far more enjoyable for you.

4. Choose a profession. This is one of the most essential World of Warcraft tips as it will determine your style of play. Do you want to play for fun or to accumulate gold? Keep in mind that every profession has a complementary trade skill. If you're just out for enjoyment, you're doing well choosing a secondary profession, such as jewel crafting or blacksmithing. If you're out for gold, then a gathering profession is best as you will then collect resources to trade at auction.

5. Go questing. Many players go straight into the hunt and kill stage, not realizing that questing will help them to level much faster. Questing is what will take you to the end. It provides you with both experience and gold.

6. Quest lines are not restricted to race. Many players do not know this. If you are playing a human, for instance, you do not have to follow the human quests. This is one of many World of Warcraft tips that can make a huge difference in how you play and proceed through the game.

7. Choose your race wisely. Alliance might have more content, but because of that, it is also the busiest place with the most people. Choose a Horde character to play in a less populated environment. This means there will be more more resources to go around.

You likely will still need to ask questions once you get into play, but having certain insights before you begin will get you off on the right foot.

These are just some of the World of Warcraft tips that will improve your game and help you to avoid problems as you venture on the numerous quests that await you.

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