Developing Your Own Flash Games

In the recent years of Internet entertainment, flash technology has played an important part in pushing the fun gaming experience to an entirely new exciting level! In the gaming market, the popularity of flash games continues to grow. However, it is quite surprising that the amount of developers seems to be constant. Why is this so? One reason is that being a flash game developer needs more than simply technical skills.

Operating a flash program is straight forward, and can be studied, yet learning flash on its own is not enough. In developing a game, you need to convey with the major of gamers, on what game they want, how they want it to be, and technical knowledge can not do this alone, there comes in creativity. This is something we do not learn but rather something we have innate, just waiting for its right moment in every situation. Being creative as a developer of flash games is a very big factor; it entails far beyond your programming skills, and requires a very analytical mind.

There are several ways on how to make a flash game, here is an outline:

Planning and design

Flash games are not simple software of binary data codes, even simple flash games of puzzles and words would require quite a number of game state. The timeline of the game would require several movie clips that would have been in various formats of audio, vector, bitmap, etc.

With so many things to consider, most developers would refuse from letting their technical side take control, but rather, it is more advisable to use your creativity first with a pen and a paper into listing down or sketching your plans and ideas for the game.


Of course after you have sketched and imagined the game the way you think it would be most creative; you have to test it by making a mock-up of the game in flash. Mock-up can be done by coding the game into reality without considering its physical and graphical aspects, but rather if it would be functional and possible.

Graphics and audio

After you have assured that the flash game is functional and possible, the next step would be to introduce audio and graphics. This would rather be easy and quick if you have thought about every aspect of the game from the very first step. After you have successfully integrated your mock-up with the audio and graphics, the flash game should be tested again to see if it runs accordingly to your first plan and design.

Final touches

The final touches of the game can only and should only be done if you have completed the integration of mock-up, graphics, and audio, if so, you can complete your game by adding the final touches such as pre-loaders, game introduction , prologue, credits, etc. this way you will see the game finished according to your design and plan with satisfactory and assured gaming quality.

Making a simple flash game is not so simple at all; even 3 short steps entail so much requirement of time, creativity, effort, and skills. But then again, all is possible with a creative and analytical mind plus an exceptional skill in flash technology.

Creating flash games can be rather rewarding in terms of skills and satisfaction, but soonheless it is important that we start small before taking on too much, so if you're a novice, it would be a good idea to read this through and start a game of your own with the steps discussed above. In time, you might just be one of the few flash developers who can take on the challenge of the gaming society in creating the Flash games of tomorrow!

Source by Louise Loverly

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