Cool And Exciting Teen Games For A Whooping Good Time!

Many parents are looking for some novel teen games to keep their teens busy at birthday parties, get togethers, and just for fun. Teens want something that is not only fun to play, but also unique. They long for their party to be held out as a party with a difference. Although teens want to have fun, at the same time they also want their party to have an air of sophistication and not being anything like a child's party.

To make things more fun and theme related, try to come up with teen games that are central to a party's theme. Many times you can take an old classic and incorporated your theme into the game, which turns it into a newly revised classic with a twist. For example, the old classic of "Who Am I", you know the one where famous names are taped to the backs of your guests and they ask one another questions, in their quest to figure out the name on their back.

To give this game a twist when you're hosting a Hollywood theme party, have your guests come dressed up and acting as certain celebrities. As your guests arrive, give them each a piece of paper and pencil and have them ask one another yes / no questions in their quest to identity out of each guest. At the conclusion of the game, who has written down the most correct responses, will be the winner.

One game that can be loads of fun is a game of word play. It consist of a verb, noun and place. An example of this could be Ate Apples in Argentina. The next person would say something like Bought Bikes in Beirut and so it goes on. When a player is unable to find an answer they are out of the game.

There are a variety of board games that can be played at parties. Some of these include Bingo, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly and other such games. Twenty questions about celebrities can also be fun. This will test the players' knowledge of celebrities.

A game that the girls will enjoy is duct tape crafts. This is where crafts are made from duct tape. Thinks like wallets, sandals, purses and containers can be made from the duct tape.

Another fun game that teens always enjoy is one that involves toilet paper. You start by splitting up your guests into teams and giving each team three rolls of toilet paper. One person on each team will be designated as the mummy and the other teams will be responsible for mummifying their mummy with the toilet paper. Whichever team wraps their mummy up first using all three rolls of toilet paper, will be the winning team.

Charades is another game that can keep teens busy for a long time. It affords the opportunity for them to be dramatic and slip out of their teen shells and become a fun center of focus.

A treasure hunt in the dark with only the use of flashlights can be loads of fun as well.

For nighttime parties with music, Karaoke is a firm favorite when it comes to teen games. Teens generally love music, dancing, and the opportunity to belt one out for their friends. This provides the ideal forum for this kind of entertainment.

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