Commonwealth Games 2010 – Sham and Trouble

The 2010 Commonwealth Games are the nineteenth Commonwealth Games. The Games will be held in Delhi between 3 October and 14 October 2010. The games will be one of the largest sporting event hosted in India. Although our country has previously hosted the Asian Games in 1951 and 1982 but not anything of such magnitude. The opening ceremony is scheduled to take place at the newly renovated Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. It will also be the first time that India will host the Commonwealth Games and it will become the second country in Asia after Kuala Lumpur. A ballot of members was held in at the Commonwealth Games Federation General Assembly in Montego Bay, Jamaica where Delhi won that bid. Although that bidding process has come under controversy of bribing the members of commonwealth countries by India for winning the bid.

The talk of corruption regarding the games does not just end at the bidding process but it keeps on growing each day. The charges keep on adding on various officials including Suresh Kalmadi of huge amount of fraud happening related to funds where crores of rupees is being wasted at the cost of development. People feel that the taxpayers money is being wasted as so many items is bought for 100 times its original value, so many want a CBI enquiry.

A normal citizen of Delhi is fed up with this development work on the name of CWG games. Be it roads, pavements, markets, parking lots, traffic mess, and the list is endless. In the name of beautification of Delhi the roads have been dug up on a constant basis leading to traffic congestion and health hazards.The latest problem of Delhites, is the lane reserved for CWG games which has created a lot of headache in just the trial run resulting in huge jams. People are scared to come out of their homes and the common man is losing his patience. God knows what will happen when the games will start. Is the government expecting that the people should stay indoors during the games. The games is really turning out into a national shame as the organizers are praying that it does not rain so that they are saved from further embarrassment, as the media has exposed the level of preparations in the stadiums, the delay in work completion and the news of flesh trade.. This is the level of our preparation for hosting a world class event where the authorities are out to put our nation in to shame.

After the reports of huge irregularities were all over the place in the media, Govt. came out with a statement promising to take action against all those involved. But what sort of justice could one have expected when the chairman of organizing committee Mr. Kalmadi himself was the centre point of the scandal. Govt. attitude of brushing up the whole issue under the carpet was reflected in P,M. Independence day speech where he called upon the people to take pride in the fact that India was hosting the CWG and avoid mindless criticism. The fact of the matter is that the P.M. and the minister in charge don’t have to face the stark reality of inconvenience caused due to CWG. Rather it’s the people of Delhi who have been suffering all through.

Many top class athletes of top countries have pulled out and many are considering the option of pulling out of these games due to number of reasons. Security is one of the major reasons the most embarrassing reason for the organizing committee and the Delhi government is sudden outbreak of Dengue. And our own athletes are not happy with the Organizers that the stadiums were not ready in time. So they were not able to practice and the home advantage has been lost.

In all, what was supposed to be a matter of pride for India and Delhi in particular has hogged the limelight mostly for the wrong reasons. One may aptly describe the CWG as the loot of commoner’s wealth.

Source by Divya Gupta

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