Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi

Commonwealth Games is a multi-sport event and thousands of participants come from all the member Nations of Commonwealth. It can be called the largest multi-sport event and is organized every four years. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) looks after the event, controls it, and also chooses the nation to be hosting the following Games. Around 71 teams from 54 member nations currently participate in this sports event.

The first edition of the Games was held in 1930 in the name of British Empire Games, as it was known then. It continued under this name till 1950 and then underwent a change in name and came to be known as the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1954. In 1970 and 1974 it was known as British Commonwealth Games. In 1978, it was first held under the name of Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada.

The previous of these games was hosted by Melbourne, Australia in 2006 and the upcoming Games are to be held in Delhi, India from 3rd October to 14th October, 2010. The preparations for this nineteenth edition of the event are well under its way. The total budget estimated for this is a whopping US $ 1.6 million and it excludes infrastructure development like that of roads, airports, buildings, and transportation.

To facilitate transportation, Delhi has come up with proposals of four-lane underground stretches, construction of roads, under-bridges, and over-bridges along railway lines, flyovers and cloverleaf flyovers, nine bus corridors, high-capacity bus systems, and a major uplift of the Delhi Metro system exponentially increasing the area of ​​connectivity. The airport is being modernized, expanding its capacity and introducing various upgraded features. It will be the first time that India will be hosting the games and thus all eyes are set on how well India manages and expectations are definitely high.

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