Buying Video Games – A Quick How To

When you go shopping for video games, you will find many choices. You probably will not have a clue what you are looking at if you are just starting to play video games. School age children seem to know exactly what to look for in the video gaming department. An adult on the other hand will see a confusing array of brightly colored boxes that look about the same. This article will help guide the adult game buyer who is looking for a game to give to their child or teenager. Regardless of why you are seeking to buy a video game these tips should prove very helpful.

1. Do some research first before going shopping for games. You will find a wealth of information on the internet for video games. To keep from feeling so lost inside the video store, go to your favorite search engine and do some studying about games. Find the website for your local store where you intend to shop for games. Follow the link for the gaming system your child plays and you will find the games that will work with that player. The following is a chart to explain what the abbreviations mean.

Wii – This is the Wii gaming system made by Nintendo
EA Sports – The Entertainment Arts gaming system.
PS3 – The PlayStation 3 gaming system.
XBOX 360 – The XBOX 360 system made by Microsoft
PC – This stands for Personal Computer
PS2 – The PlayStation 2 gaming system
PSP – The Portable PlayStation gaming system
DS – The DS gaming system made by Nintendo

You will find it much easier to find the system you want to buy games for first, and then you will find all the games and accessories that are suitable for it. You can also use the search engine on the website if you still have trouble finding the games you want.

2. As soon as you find the games that fit the system, look at how the game is rated as far as the age level. You can then make a list of games that are appropriate for your child. The ESRB, which stands for the Entertainment Software Rating Board, rates each game so parents will know what their children are exposed to when playing the video games. Below is a list to show you what the different letters mean.

C – These are suitable for young children
E – These are suitable for anyone
E10 + – These are for children over ten years old and on up
T – These are suitable for teenagers
M – The M rating is for mature adults

3. Look at the list you made. See if you can find a game made from one of the latest movies. The youngger children like movies with animation such as Disney, or other popular children's movies. They will love playing out their favorite parts of the movie. The DVD's always have some games included in them; look in the special features part of the DVD to find them.

4. If you have trouble finding one based on a movie your child is interested in, you can look for an educational one or one based on a cartoon your child likes.

5. If you are having trouble finding a game about something your child likes, maybe you should have paid more attention to what he or she watches on TV or the movies they like. Try going to an online video rental website. Follow the same steps to find a game. Select some you think your child may like and rent them, this way he or she can play them and choose for him or herself which one they want to keep. You can then send the others back and buy the one your child likes.

6. If you have already found a game by following the instructions above, you can buy it online or go to your local retailer and purchase it.

Look carefully at the pictures on the video games. This should give you a good indication of what type of game it is. The cover does a good job of illustrating what the video game inside is like. If you see bloody characters exploding, you may not want to get it for your child, as it is probably a violent game. If it looks like a cartoon or children's movie, it is a good indication of the game is suitable for your child.

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