Burn Xbox 360 Game – How to Burn and How to Copy a Xbox 360 Game?

You want to burn your Xbox 360 game, but you do not know how to backup or copy your Xbox 360 game, right? To get your Xbox 360 games copied or burned, you will need to have a game copying software which takes out the protection that's on your games.

You see, in order to get your games copied, you will need to decode or decrypt the protection code that's on any of your games. To do this, I highly recommend you to take the Easy Backup Wizard.

How To Burn And Copy An Xbox 360 Game?

To burn a Xbox 360 game, you will need to have only 4 things that are easy to get.

1 – You need the Easy Backup Wizard.

2 – You need a DVD burner in your PC.

3 – You need an empty DVD disk.

4 – You need an original Xbox 360 game.

So, once you've got all the 4 things that you must have in order to copy, backup and burn your Xbox 360 games, then you only have to perform 5 steps in order to successfully complete the burning, copying and backing up process!

1 – Grab the original game's disk, and put it into your DVD drive in your PC.

2 – Start up the program, and load the original game.

3 – Make a backup from the original game and save it on your PC.

4 – Take out the original game, and replace it with an empty DVD disk.

5 – Copy and paste the backup files to your burner, and simply start the burning process.

This is how you basically burn a Xbox 360 game while you use the Easy Backup Wizard. Pretty easy, right? Want to start copying, back up and burning your Xbox 360 games?

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