Bananagram Game

Have you played Bananagram game? If you have not play it and even have not heard about it, i suggest you have a try. Because it is a funny games. Now i will introduce you the popular Word Game. Bananagram game is invented by Abe Nathanson of Narragansett, Rhode Island which is a word game used to spell words. The idea come from his own family and with the help of his family Nathanson finally created the word game which called BANANAGRAM GAME. First the game was created to the children who was seven or even younger. but it is funny enough and attracted some adults. So it is popular between children and adults. what is Bananagram game? In a word, it is anagram gone bananas.

It is a word game consist of 144 lettered tiles. Player can put its own unique spin during the game. Theme of banana will be found thought the game and it is a funny things. Bananagram is Suitable for all ages. It is easy enough for a man to learn quickly. it does not require pencil, paper even a table. So it is very portable if you are on a trip. As a word game it is also good education fun for the kids. So the Bananagram may be a nice choice to buy your children as a Birthday gift. Bananagram. I was attracted since since the first sight and I always play with my family. Unlike the other word game, you completely depend on yourself and are able to rearrange words constantly to make your letters fit and to create new words. The Bananagram Game can be played in only five minute or even more than five hours. You're really working against the clock to be the first one Shout out "Bananas". You are the winner. it is simple but full of challenge.

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