Women’s Tea Party Game Ideas

Do you know how challenging it can be to find games for a Ladies Tea Party??

For the past few years I’ve been put in charge of games for our annual Ladies Tea at church, and I’ve been pretty successful in finding games online.

However, this year was another story!

I searched and searched for over an hour and was unable to find anything suitable for our ladies. Oh, I found games, but either they seemed a little, ah…boring, or they seemed a little too crazy (running around and such). So in the end I just decided to make up my own and I decided to share these ideas and hopefully you’ll be able to use some yourself.

In this list I’ve put down all the games I can think of, games that I’ve used in years past as well. Hope it helps in your search.

1. Name That Beverage- (since this is used at a tea party, and beverages are the main menu item)

This game is one that the ladies can all sit down and play. You just have to say a description of the beverage and the first to yell out the right answer gets a point.

a. comes from a cow (milk)

b. summertime drink (lemonade)

c. what we’re drinking now (tea)

d. what you need in the morning (coffee)

e. a kids drink that comes in little packets (kool-aid)

f. the most popular soda pop (coke)

g. comes from nature (water)

h. an energy drink (red bull)

i. this drink has a number in the name (7-up)

j. moms give this drink to sick children (ginger ale)

k. you can make floats with this (root beer)

l. coke’s competitor (pepsi)

m. the official drink of astronauts (tang)

n. athletes drink this (gatorade)

o. Tropicana is a brand of this (orange juice)

p. this drink has a profession in the name (Dr. Pepper)

2. Tea Word Game- (actually it’s “-ty” word game because all words end in “-ty”)

With this game you just have to find a list of words ending in “ty”, because it sounds like “tea”. I came up with a list of about 25, but if you do an online search of “words ending in ty” you’ll find a list of 100’s. Then I came up or looked up the definitions, and I’ve printed up the list of definitions to give to each lady. They’ll have 2-3 minutes to come up with the correct word. For example:

Affordability- when something is in your price range

Deputy- the person ranked under the Sherriff

Curiosity- a desire to know or learn something

Sensibility- the movie title “Sense and ____________”

You get the idea. You can make your list as long or short as you like. And some you can make really easy just for fun, like: Not clean (dirty), the number after 59 (60), I even put in a verse they have to look up for the right word: the -ty word found in Genesis 3:15 (enmity). You get the picture.

3. Name the TV Daughters-

It’s just like it sounds. You give the ladies a list of TV mom characters and they have to write down the names of the TV daughter/s. I’ve also done it where I’ve given the ladies the name of a TV show and they have to write down the name of the TV mom, so there are different varieties of this game.

a. Caroline Ingalls (Little House on the Prarie)- Mary, Laura, Carrie

b. Harriett Olson (Little House)- Nellie and Nancy

c. Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch)- Marsha, Jan, Cindy

d. Olivia Walton (The Walton’s)- Mary Ellen, Erin, Elizabeth

e. Elyse Keaton (Family Ties)- Mallory, Jennifer

f. Shirley Partridge (The Partridge Family)- Laurie, Tracey

g. Vivian Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)- Hilary, Ashley

h. Edna Garrett (The Facts of Life)- Blair, Tootie, Natalie, Jo

i. Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)- Sondra, Denise, Vanessa, Rudy

j. Marion Cunningham (Happy Days)- Joanie

k. Wilma Flinstone (The Flinstone’s)- Pebbles

You can add to list with others you may know of, but you get the idea.

4. Tea Tray Memory-

With this game you find a pretty tray, actually it doesn’t even have to be pretty, then you put on top of it different items you may use during a tea time. For example, when I did this one last year I first put on my tray a pretty cloth napkin, then on top of this I placed a tea cup and saucer, spoon, two different packs of tea, a sugar packet, a creamer packet, a small votive candle, a little mini Bible, a small notebook, a pretty pen, and a bookmark. Then I covered it up with a towel and I explained to the ladies that when I uncover the tray I would walk around the tables and let them look at the items on the tray for just a few seconds, then I would cover the tray again and they would have 1-2 minutes to write down everything they remember that was on the tray. You can add whatever you want to your tray, or if you are having a themed tea party you can put items that are related to your theme. The lady who remembered the most wins

5. Flower Meanings-

This game I recall doing last year because we had a garden themed tea party last year. So I did a search online about Flowers and their meanings. I came up with a list of about 12 flowers and gave the ladies both the meaning and the flower in separate lists, they had to match up the flower to the correct meaning. For example: This flower has the meaning of Passion (Red Rose). The lady with the most matches wins.

6. Name that Tea Bag-

This may or may not be an easy game- depending on if the tea bags really smell like what they are called. You get an assortment of different kinds of tea, about 6-8, cover up the tag and number each one (1-6), then you pass the tea bags around the table and let each lady sniff and look at the tea bag. They will have to write down what they think the tea is. For example: a fairly easy one would be a peach tea, but you can choose easier types or harder types, or a mix of both.

7. The Price is Right-

Actually, I used this at a baby shower, but you can easily change it to tea type items for a tea party. You get a large piece of poster board and print up (as large as you need) a bunch of pictures of different tea items. You paste these pictures to the poster board and put beneath each picture the price of each item, then you cover up the prices so that no one can see them. Then one by one you describe each item, just like Bob Barker would do on The Price is Right, and each lady has to write down what they think the price is, closest without going over! At the end of all descriptions you go back to the beginning and reveal the correct prices. 3 points if you guess the exact price, 2 points if you were the closest without going over, and 1 point if you even got under the price, no points if you were over the price.

Items for example: A pretty teapot, a box of tea, a cup and saucer set, a set of fancy napkins, a bag of sugar, a bottle of creamer, a tea tray, etc. And if you are having a theme party, you could also go with items that pertain to your theme.

8. The Purse Game-

This I use as a tie-breaker game alot, but you can also use it as a regular game. Just have all the ladies grab their purses and you’ll say an item, the first lady to hold up that particular item gets a point. Have a list of 10-15 items like: lipstick, picture of child, bobby pin, mirror, grocery receipt, tissue, child’s toy, tylenol, phone, picture of husband, pen, gum, etc. The lady who held up the most first, wins.

9. Have You Ever?-

This game you just need to come up with a list of different things the ladies may have done, they get a point for each one they have actually done. For example: Worn two different socks, wripped the hem of your dress with your high heel, called the wrong person on the phone, called your child by the wrong name, called a friend by the wrong name, kept your bra together with a safety pin, forgotten your husband’s birthday, sucked up a sock with the vacuum, gotten to church early on daylight savings time, etc. You can make them as crazy as you want, it’s fun to see what some women have done.

10. Draw a Teapot-

This was an idea I got from a baby shower I went to where they had each lady put a paper plate on top of their head, then they each had to draw a baby. In the case of a tea party, you could have the ladies draw a teapot on the paper plate instead. Then you have to go around, after giving the ladies about 30 seconds to draw it, and choose which one looks closest to a teapot.

So I hope with some of these games that your next Ladies Tea will be a hit!

Source by Julianne Smith

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