Winning the Premature Ejaculation Game

Winning the premature ejaculation game can be done with a 3 prong approach. This is a gradual system designed to allow you to not cease your sex life, but rather to carry on with it while at the same time developing skills to win over premature ejaculation once and for all.

1. Begin your exercises. When you decide it’s time to deal with, and beat, premature ejaculation then you’ll want to start with learning to exercise a muscle that can actually give you control over ejaculating. Basically it is the same muscle you use if you want to suddenly stop urinating. And to target this muscle, simply do that. Stop urinating mid stream and you will feel the exact muscle down there yonder that controls the flow. Once targeted you simply begin flexing that muscle a few times day at your leisure, while your sitting down, for as many times in a row as possible. At first it will be difficult, but you’ll find by the end of one week you’ll be able to work it much longer, hence you will have developed control in lasting longer, as this muscle can also be used to stop one from ejaculating too quickly.

2. Learn foreplay extenders. That is, learn passionate ways to extend foreplay right before having sex. This buys you time during your ejaculation training period, and when combined with the third point below, it will allow you to still have satisfying sex with a partner, even though you may still be suffering from premature ejaculation.

3. Mental tricks that work wonders. There are amazing ways to last longer and avoid premature ejaculation by simple mind tricks. An example is while having sex focus your mind on sports: Anything from baseball scores to football spreads. This method can buy you A LOT of time and you’ll be amazed at how much longer you will last when you give your mind some other bone to chew on. So if you combine extended foreplay with mental tricks, you can get away with having pleasurable sex, while in your free time you will be training yourself physically to permanently last longer, thus winning over premature ejaculation.

When all is said and done, you can very quickly become a long lasting lover with the combination of both the exercising techniques and advanced mental techniques.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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