Wii Has Become a Powerhouse in the Video Game Industry

Wii continues to produce quality games that target every demographic. The majority of their games are enjoyed by every generation, be it a grandmother, a parent or a child. Their commitment to family friendly entertainment is quite simply, unparallel.

Here are some of the latest, and most popular, new Wii games to hit the market:

Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board: Anyone who has ever long to combine fun with fitness will love this game. Wii has done a phenomenal job of creating software that offers a range of games and customization options to keep users entertained. You can design your own routine or pick from pre designed ones, like health, youth, form, etc.

The games vary tremendously. You can skateboard, juggle, hula hoop, cycle and more – all from the comfort of your living room. You earn points through your games, and you can compete with other players scores. Wii keeps track of your BMI (body mass index) and shows you how many calories you've burned each session. The balance board also helps with your posture and balance.

The game is extremely well thought out and even offers a trial mode for players who just want to play, without keeping track of all the figures. This is a great game for those looking for a fun way to stay, or get back, in shape.

Toy Story Mania: For anyone looking for some quality family entertainment, this Wii game would make a great gift. Inspired by the feature film and the Disney ride, the game is hosted by the beloved characters from the movie and features original carnival-like shooting galleries and a variety of addictive mini games to play.

The shooting galleries are pure gold. The balloon popping, plate smashing, hoop tossing fun from the Disney ride is all captured perfectly. You can play alone, or cooperatively or competitively, with friends and family. It's the next best thing to being on the actual Disney ride and a great gift for any family.

New Super Mario Brothers: The Mario series of games are some of the most beloved in the Wii catalog. The creators have always had an uncanny ability to develop new and exciting versions of this iconic game while staying true to its roots.

New Super Mario Brothers is no exception. It brings multiplayer action to the series, allowing 2 players to be on the screen together. Gamers are ecstatic about this addition, and the level of depth and challenge that it brings to the game.

The developers also get rave reviews for bringing back the best ideas from previous versions – levels, bosses, worlds, music – and incorporating them with new elements, like star coins and coin battles.

While other games go out of style or need to be revamped to be relevant, Mario Brothers continues to delight gamers of all ages. This newest version has been met with critical acclaim and has an extremely long shelf life. In fact, many gamers say it is arguably the best game of all time.

Source by Victoria Vance

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