Where Are the Game Tester Jobs?

Being the hard core gamer I am, I had previously asked myself that very same question. Gaming is a true passion of mine, and I wanted a way to get paid for it. Believe it or not, game developers pay big bucks when they distribute a game only to find out later it has major flaws. That is where the job of game tester comes into play. As a game tester, you are paid to find the glitches so that the games can be released without a hitch.

So the next big question everyone asks is where are the game testing jobs?

As a gamer searching for a job, there is a lot you can do to help get into the business. Below are just a few key points to getting started:

* Contact major gaming firms like EA and Sony to find out where they have their jobs posted. Usually when you find their main website, you will see a link to their job postings.

* Search the major job boards like Monster & Careerbuilder for game testing positions in your area. You can search under the terms such as “Game Tester”, “QA”, “Quality Assurance”, “QA Tester”, and “Quality Assurance Tester”, just to name a few.

* If you’re already a member of a game forum, you can search those as well or post a message to other gamers asking for help. Most game forums contain someone that is familiar with game testing or has done it at some point in their life and can possibly point you in the right direction. Word of mouth is always a good option.

* There are membership sites that you can join that can help you find the jobs you’re looking for. But be mindful; always make sure you find out what you get for your investment. If the owner of the site will not answer your questions, then there is a good chance they are not legitimate.

* Join as many video game related sites as you can that allow you access to free information along with newsletters. You can get on their mailing lists and find out about possible job opportunities. Some examples of recent game testing jobs that were posted were for the games Biohazard and Shadowrun. Both of which were posted on an XBox run website.

* Market yourself. Talk to as many people as you can that run the major game related sites. See what they know and how they can help you.

* Search, search, search. You can search using major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN under terms like “Game Tester”, “Game Jobs”, and “Game Tester Jobs” just to name a few.

* Talk to any friends or acquaintances that might know where to go to get the best game jobs.

So you see there are options, but don’t just assume that it won’t require any work on your part. Research can be time consuming, but you will reap the benefits. And the biggest benefit of all is that in the end you come out with a job that you enjoy. If you do enough research and work on getting your name out there, you will find it is all well worth the effort.

You can always rely on memberships that offer help with finding jobs in gaming. There are some out there that do work quite well, but remember to find out what you get for your money and what sort of guarantees come with that investment as well.

What is most important is that you speak with as many people in the gaming industry as you possibly can and don’t give up. The right gaming job will come along for you.

Source by Lou Garrett

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