What Are Casual Games?

A Casual Game is normally also known as a downloadable game. They are typically web based. You would be able to log onto a certain website and play them while browsing the internet. These where normally puzzle based and this slowly progressed into other genres.

As time progressed many did become bigger, people wanted to be able to download them. One of the main benefit of casual gaming is that they do not have big file sizes. This means that even people on dial up or low speed broad band can download and enjoy the top quality entertainment.

So what genre of games are casual games?

Typically it was puzzle games, as technology improved the genres also improved. Normally on any downloadable game site you should be able to find;

* Action

* Arcade

* Adventure

* Hidden Object

* Puzzle

* Time management

* Strategy

* Brain teaser

As you can see there are a large variety of the types of PC games available. This allowing people to enjoy the game style they love and not having to spend hours downloading or even hours and hours playing.

What is the difference between casual gamers and hardcore gamers?

Typically hardcore players will play the newest games available on PC, games that typically have the best graphics and / or games that would wait to take hours and hours to play and complete.

Casual games are very different, even though many of them do have top quality graphics. These games tend to be games that can be picked up, played for 5-10 minutes and then put down again. They do not require hours and hours of playing if you do not want to. Although do not worry, if you want to play for hours and hours then you can do.

One of the attractions to them is that they are so fun and simple to play, you can play them anywhere, getting ready for bed and you want to relax or even at work on your break!

Where can I find the best downloadable Games?

Well there are so many places where you can find top quality games, although I would recommend checking out some reviews of the top games, that way you know what your downloading is really something you want to play.

Do you want complete full review of each game and give a honest view of it! Whats more they do only review the best games.

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