Video Games by Mail – 3 Reasons Why You Should Rent Video Games by Mail

Today it is easier to get video games by mail than it is going down to your local store to pick them up. Not only will you save time, but you will also save money, the hassles of dealing with other people and the problem of not finding what you want in stock. There are plenty of companies that you can get a low priced monthly membership from and they will simply mail you games that will arrive in 2-3 days and when you are done you just mail them back in a prepaid envelope.

Here are a few other things to consider:

1.You have a much wider selection online than you do offline. Some of these rental services have up to 7,000 games available, which means not only will you find the newest and most popular games, but you will also find games that are rare and difficult to locate.

2.You will save money. This is true whether you are a casual game player or you can not put your game controller down. If you look at the price of a single game, which usually runs between $ 40- $ 60 and then you start factoring in things like gas, time, and late fees for renting at video stores you'll begin to see that it's way more cost effective to get your games by mail.

3.It is better for the environment. Really if you think about the gas that you spend going to the store, then the gas having to return there, and add the fact that once you are done playing the game that it will likely end up a piece of plastic sitting on your book shelf gathering dust then you'll realize that this game leaves quite a carbon footprint.

If you rent then it will be returned to the site for other users to play. There are plenty of other advantages.

Source by Nicholas U Mathews

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