Two Fun Flirty Text Message Games

I'm going to share two techniques that I personally LOVE using when following up with a girl after having upgraded numbers. These are both field tested many times and are a great way to gain a lot interest through something dull, like a text message.

Are your texts doing more harm than good? Try these!

1. The Poem Technique

Message: "Creatively complete this poem, roses are red violets are blue .."

Girls absolutely LOVE this one because it's that dumb, goofy, soap-opera, type message that girls love to respond to. Plus, and a HUGE plus at at that, you are SCREENING her with it. "Creatively" implies that you are judging her on her creativity. SO she is going to (and almost always does) make it funny. I've gotten responses like "this is the most random thing I've ever been asked to do … lol hi!" and "I do not think anyone is as cute as you!" Some will definitely make you laugh. Then just transition into normal chat from there. Keep your texts short and to the point, and set up the meeting.

2. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz Show

This technique is awesome, it really makes you realize how much FUN you can have with text message gaming.

Get around 5 or 6 girls who you have not had a second meeting with yet, but have gotten their numbers. And then let the games begin!

Message: "I'm about to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Her: "OMG WHAT!?" (Or something maybe a little less enthusiast, but you get the idea)

Message: "You get to party with me tonight, but only if you can answer one really important question"

Now shes very intrigued what that "important question" is, and can only help but agree to the frame where she is winning to win the chance to party with you, which is just awesome!

Her: "What is it ??"

Message: "Name 6 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies"

Her: (If she's SMART) " predator, terminator 1, 2, 3, running man, twins"

Message: "Nice you win..bonus points for running man hah", (then give an invite for something fun that night)

Her: (If she's NOT SMART) "What haha ​​no way"

Message: "Sorry that's incorrect, thank you for playing"

And then you DO NOT hang out with them, at least not tonight.

That's the best part about having 6 or more numbers to do this with. The ones who pass the test are now qualified to you and you know they are the FUN ones. Who wants to hang out with a girl who's too cool to answer a funny text message question like that one anyway?

And now that you've blown her off, even though she knows you're going out, she's going to be looking to get validated by hanging out with you the next time.

Now you're gaining interest with the text message instead of being just the same as other dudes. Have fun with these ones, I know I do.

Mad Dawg

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