Twilight Games For Any Party

Twilight is a fabulous series of books written by Stephenie Meyer, but of course you know this if you are a Twilight fan. These books get under your skin and create a person that wants more and more of anything "Twilight". A great way to see how much you know is through the Twilight games! There are a few on the market and they are all about how much you know. So if you think you know more than your friends and family you will be sure to win!

Here are some Twilight games to choose from:

Twilight Board Game – This game is based on the Twilight movie. It tests your knowledge on how well you remember what happened. Answer questions about the movie, to earn Scene cards and move forward around the board. If you are the first to travel the entire board and collect all 8 Scene cards …. you win!

New Moon Board Game – Very similar to the Twilight board game, the New Moon board game is based on the movie New Moon! Challenge your friends and see who knows more about New Moon – the more you know the greater chance you have to win. Answer questions to travel around the board, be the first player to collect all 8 scene cards from New Moon, and reunite Bella and Edward to win. Who does not want to reunite Bella and Edward!

Twilight Scene It Game – This is also a trivia game but it includes a DVD! It is the modern version of the old fashion board game. The Scene It games are popular and there are several versions on the market. The Twilight Scene It? Game requests trivia questions using movie clips. Not only are questions asked but they are asked by Dr. Carlisle Cullen! There are questions and puzzlers from the Twilight franchise, and the game also includes clips from the upcoming New Moon film. Challenge yourself with customized mini-games and bonus activities that are unique to the Twilight Scene It? game. They will challenge your observation, memory, and puzzle-solving skills.

All of these games are perfect for a Twilight theme party. You can invite your friends and family to show off your Twilight merchandise and have a great time playing some Twilight games!

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