The Games Credit Card Companies Play

We live in a society that lives and probably will die by credit cards. They are everywhere and you will be hard pressed to find a business that does not accept at least one credit card. But it looks like they can use almost any reason imaginable for raising your interest rates and some of them are almost humorous. But as long as you carry credit card balances, you are at the mercy of these somewhat ruthless businesses. These companies are just waiting on you to screw up.

It used to be you could make an online payment as late as the actual due date and your payment would be on time. This is very rare now. Most companies require you to pay the day before or even two days before the due date to be on time. Why? Because, if you wait until the due date to make your payment, you can still be on time … for a fee, of course. Even though the government made it more difficult for lenders to do unscrupulous things, they just find other ways of making money.

You can make all your payments on time and they can still raise your interest rates and the reasons they come up with are laughable. Did you know that if you make a late credit card payment and another one of your lenders find out about it, they can raise your interest rate? It seems that consumer lending companies can make up the rules as they go.

Really the only way you can avoid this is not to carry credit card balances. As long as you do, they pretty much have you. You are at their mercy. If you have debt, research your options and get it paid off. It is the only way you will be free to live your dreams.

Source by Marjorie Salada

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