So You Want to Learn to Play Guitar

Nowadays, so many people say that they want to play guitar. I have heard so many people say that, but learning to play the guitar takes time, perseverance and patience. There are so many excuses that people give for not sticking with it. If you can learn three chords, this may be all you need to become inspired to learn to play.

I'm not sure if the new music video games help or hurt people who want to learn. I have met a few people who have played these video games and went out and bought a real guitar. One thing they did not understand was that playing a real guitar is not at all like hitting five buttons on a plastic guitar. The one thing these video games do have going for people who play real guitar, is that it helps with your rhythm playing. It can also help teach your fingers to move up and down a string by mimicking the movement of your fingers playing on one string. What is really cool is that one of these video games let you use a real guitar. The guitar has not been released yet, but will be available in March, 2011. I will definitely be picking up one of these guitars. There is a pro-guitar section that will help others learn how to play the real guitar. From what I hear, if you can learn from this, you will be a very good player when you are done. This game also has a pro-keyboard and pro-drums currently.

I love playing these games because my two favorite things are playing video games and playing music. You can not get much better than that.

Source by Christine M Allen

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