Sex Games To Please A Woman

It is time to put down the Xbox and put up the Playstation. Your woman needs some attention. Not just the old missionary type. This is something a little more special.

These sex games are better than any game you could play on a console. Having a real life playmate is something very special. Do not ever forget to treat her like that. Beside, you are going to have a lot of fun playing with her G Spot.

Maid Service. In this game you have the woman come over like she is about to clean the room. Pretend like you are on an important business call. The woman then begins to bend over and flash you as she is "cleaning".

To your surprise, she is not wearing any underwear. Wow, who would have guessed that. At some point you put the phone down and have sex. Do not wait too long because you will have a clean house and no sex.

Room Service. This one is a little different. This time it is the woman on the phone. You come in with a plate of fruit. You then try to distract her by feeding her slowly with the fruit.

Strawberries, cherries and bananas will do well. Also throw in some chocolates and cheese. If she has a favorite wine, make sure to bring it.

At some point go and run her bath water. Put in her favorite fragrance. Once she is relaxed and clean, you then go to the bedroom. The object with this game is to simply have the best orgasm you can. You can handle that can not you.

Phone Sex. This one can be very nice for both of you. The object is too have an orgasm in a public place. This will require a little planning. First go to two different restaurants.

First have the woman go to the ladies room. When she is in there, it is time to start. Talk to her with your sexiest words. Keep going until she has an orgasm. This may take a while, so hopefully you have an easily orgasmic woman.

Once she finishes, it is your turn. You go to the men's room. Then you listen as she tells you what she was doing in the ladies bathroom. Once you have an orgasm, it is turn to ask for the check.

You can also play this game at home, but being in public just adds a tinge of danger and opportunities the excitment.

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