Sex Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

Sex games to play with your boyfriend are an easy way to pack some extra thrills back into your love life. It's not hard for it to get stale once you've been with your boyfriend past the initial "new relationship" stage. After that it's easy for both of you to slide into a predictable, sometimes even dull, love life. This is one of the main reasons why so many relationships lose their passion after an exciting beginning.

You may love each other just as much now as before but once lovemaking becomes predictable and routine it's easy for the relationship to lose its sparks. Most relationships will not last without a healthy sex life.

Men like it when their girlfriends are more proactive during lovemaking. Being with a woman who is passive is not a turn on. You may tell your boyfriend that you enjoy it but to men actions speak louder than words. There is a common belief among men that even if you say you enjoy making love with him you could have just said that anything that would rock the boat.

Luckily incorporating some sex games into your lovemaking sessions is an easy way to bring fun and excitement into sex while at the same time providing you enjoy being with him and he turns you on. In his mind if he does not turn you on then you would not be interested in trying out any sex games with him in the first place.

Sex games to play with your boyfriend will not only bring more excitement back into your relationship but your boyfriend will be much more turned on during sex since you took some initiative to make sex with him more adventurous and unpredictable. This is the quick and easy way to put spontaneity and thrills between the sheets.

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