Ride – Horse Riding Action Game Review

Ride is a fun and enjoyable action game, the story line is simple. You need to become a professional horse rider and earn that blue ribbon. You start the game as a complete amateur; you have no idea how to ride the horse or how to perform the simplest routines.  

Don’t let that stop you reaching your goal! 

There is a personal training that will help you go through the training needed. In this section of the game you will be able to complete exercises such as generally trotting, galloping and this will progress into harder exercises such as jumping and much more!

As you do pass the exercises you will become more and more skilled at riding a horse and will then have the opportunity to go against other horse riders in 3 day events. These events will be your turn to shine and hopefully beat your opponents and win.

Keep building up your experience with training and winning at events and one day that blue ribbon you have been after will be yours!

Ride has many features to keep you entertained such as the ability to ride beautiful horses, these having excellent animations. Do all tasks and events in beautiful landscapes and environments.

This is a fun and top quality game that is a perfect game for girls and a perfect game for horse lovers. If you have ever wanted to ride a horse but have never had the opportunity then this is perfect for you!

Why not grab your saddle and get ready to gallop for hours and hours in this fun action game!

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